Teknova Active Viral Transport Medium (ATM) 

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Sample transport media stabilize patient test samples during transport from the collection site to testing facilities, enabling accurate diagnosis and sample storage for further study.

Teknova Active Viral Transport Medium (ATM) is a non-propagating medium for collecting clinical specimens for the measurement of upper-respiratory, viral particles using molecular or antigen assays. Teknova completed the US FDA notification process for the ATM, which is manufactured in a GMP facility that is certified ISO 13485:2016 compliant.

Characteristics Benefits

Room temperature stability before use and up to 72 hours after sample collection

  • Simplifies the logistics of testing
  • Increases access to testing
Suppression of microbial growth with Gentamicin and Amphotericin B Inhibits bacterial and fungal propagation without degrading disease-causing agents 
Defined cellular stabilizers consisting of bovine serum albumin and gelatin
  • Increases batch consistency
  • Eliminates risk of RNA sample degradation that can be associated with use of fetal bovine serum
pH indication with phenol red Supports confidence in sample integrity 



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